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The purpose of this scheme (AIMS) is to create a status of Assured Supplier for the participating dairies (Scheme Members) so, when trading milk between the schemes’ members, the receiving dairy can be confident that the milk being supplied will meet the standards expected and so provenance is assured.


The aim being that all milk traded between the members of the scheme is 100% sourced from AIMS-Assured Suppliers and it is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure this is complied with. Any milk being supplied, that includes milk sourced from non-AIMS-assured sources, would be by exception only, and only with prior contract agreement between the two parties.

The Scheme is effective from January 2023 and was launched at Dairy-Tech, Stoneleigh on the 1st February 2023. The inaugural year was operated on a pilot basis and the scheme became fully live from January 2024.


  • The scheme is for untreated bovine milk direct from farm supplied to the sector as traded, swapped or integrated haulage between the members of the scheme.

  • All members of the scheme sign up to a Code of Practice

  • Each member is audited annually against the Code of Practice, which has four sections: Milk Quality, Traceability, Farm Assurance and Sustainability

  • The annual summary findings of the audits are reported to the Management Committee as a proficiency scheme, so retaining confidentiality

  • The Scheme’s area of operation is Great Britain


List of current members and their assurance status


List of our current members and management contact details


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  • The scheme is the Intellectual Property of Dairy UK

  • It is overseen by a Management Committee, comprising representatives from participating companies

  • Secretariat duties are provided by Dairy UK

To find out more about AIMS, or to enquire about membership

Contact Ian Wakeling

or call: 0207 025 0545